Ascend Digital Solutions

Charting Africa’s Digital Roadmap

Africa is on an exciting journey to digital dominion. At the destination is a continent burgeoning under
an information and knowledge economy, with increased financial inclusion and socio-economic
empowerment for every one of its citizens. Ascend Digital Solutions works to make this vision a reality.

Our  Focus

Public Enterprises
Public Enterprises

Leading Africa’s transformation to Industry 4.0

Mobile Network Operators
Service Providers

Comprising MNOs/MVNOs,

Commercial Enterprises
Commercial Enterprises

OPEX-focused digital security & managed services

Rural Connectivity
Rural Connectivity

Bridging the current urban-rural digital divide

What We Do

Problems We Solve

Lack of resilient digital infrastructure

Shortage curbs the real potential of 4th Industrial Revolution

Wide skill gap

Inadequate local skills and expertise impact socio-economic goals

Lack of affordable broadband

Widespread connectivity issues lead to increased digital divide

High price of mobile services

Pricing issues adversely impact uniform access to connectivity

Our Solutions

Focused technology services to empower Africa’s digital roadmap,
delivered by combining our in-country expertise with global technology prowess

Fixed Networks

Fixed Networks

End-to-end fibre services (FTTx) to empower the next generation of Africa's rural



Seamless and affordable wireless services to build a unified digital Africa

Digital Solutions

Digital solutions

Strengthening the governments of Africa's ambition of “Digital for all”

Meaningful Connectivity

Meaningful Connectivity

Smart city and IoT accelerated through affordable, abundant and accessible high-speed broadband

Why Ascend Digital Solutions?

We’re transforming the future of Africa through the power of digital.

By aligning our efforts to a unified vision and by adopting a proven, methodological approach, we aim to promote continued growth and prosperity across the continent.
Upskilling local talent and empowering them through digitally enabled solutions will be fundamental to achieving this goal.

Outcome and metrics driven

Globally benchmarked processes and clearly defined approaches have led to assured and exemplary levels of service delivery.

Experience working on government projects

We are a trusted and experienced networks and IT services provider for Africa’s premier public institutions.

Strong alliances with global partners

Strategic partnerships with market-leading technology players foster innovation and deliver outstanding results.

Democratising digital infrastructure for the common good

Our endeavors are focused on one core outcome: empowering local talent to rise above socio-economic barriers.

Our Digital Impact

We are translating our long-term trusted relationship with the governments of Africa
into high-impact connectivity projects with tangible social value.

Ascend Digital Solution is providing the next-generation infrastructure services and support to enable Africa’s connectivity and e-government goals.

Smart Infra Co, an SPV of Ascend Digital Solutions, is a Technical Partner of National Information Technology Agency (NITA) under Ministry of Communications, Ghana. Smart Infra Co’s focus is to provide open neutral access digital infrastructure to telecom and broadband service providers for best in class voice and data services across Ghana.

Smart Infra Co will be a partner in the success of the telecoms sector in Ghana, providing access to infrastructure to help speed up and accelerate 3G and 4G services, and make Ghana ready for 5G.

An electronic health delivery system for Africa, E-Health enables doctors to reach their patients remotely and bring health care to their doorsteps. Its digital doctor-patient interface, allows patients to see a doctor without having to leave their home or office.

Our new-age e-learning platforms facilitate online learning between tutors and students, aiding students with live e-lessons and digital learning resources.

Advanced capabilities such as smart classes and high-quality audio-visual conferences with multi-location coverage contribute to the uniqueness of these platforms.

Through innovative mobile applications, like the GH COVID-19 Tracker, Ascend Digital Solutions is aiding the governments’ efforts to promote the health and wellness of the people of Africa.

The GH COVID-19 Tracker is a product of the COVID-19 urgency.

GH COVID-19 Tracker is a smartphone application that’s lightweight and easy to use. The digital tool extensively helps users assess, monitor and self-report their health and symptoms for COVID-19 risks.

The app improves and accelerates the governments’ response to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, through real-time information sharing, analytical data and actionable updates.

Here is a video on the inclusive digital shield to accelerate the African governments’ response to the COVID-19 challenges.

Ascend Digital Solutions, in partnership with global leaders, brings a state-of-the-art Cyber Security Operations Centre to be based in Ghana to cater to the local government and enterprise needs. This centre is poised to become the hub for the cyber security needs of West Africa.

Our cyber security solutions address the need for market players and public institutions to protect their IPs and sensitive information, comply with regulatory standards, and develop skilled security professionals. End-to-end security advisory and assurance is guaranteed by enabling access to technology, process security standards, knowledge, skills, insights and capabilities. We deliver the full spectrum of expert intervention services, from vulnerability assessment, penetration testing and advisory; managed incident detection, response and threat neutralisation, to advanced anti-DDoS.

Our Social Impact

We are translating our long-term trusted relationship with the governments of Africa into high-impact connectivity projects with tangible social value.

Wish to join our efforts to transform Africa’s under-connected rural landscape?

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