Promoting Digital Inclusion And Delivering Digital Dividends

Ascend Digital Solutions aims to develop a robust infrastructure-based ecosystem to support the technology and socio-economic goals of the governments of Africa. We partner with the governments to deliver on their ambition of “Digital for all” by allowing private and public players to tap into Africa’s rich digital infrastructure – fibre backbone, metro network, data centres and towers.

In this hyper-connected digital era, Ascend Digital Solutions engages with governments in Africa to help make their digital infrastructure robust and future-proof. By leveraging partnerships with leading technology brands, including Tata Communications, Ascend Digital Solutions aims to deliver the real value of end-to-end digital transformation for governments, institutions, commercial enterprises, and so on.

Our End-To-End Solutions Include:

Management, operations &
commercialisation of
national digital infrastructure

Act as an open access
carrier-neutral infrastructure

Support the acceleration of
mobile data and broadband

Building Digital Gateways to Prosperity

Ascend Digital Solutions will deliver on Africa’s collective digital ambition by creating “Digital Super Information Gateways” as the cornerstones of financial growth and prosperity. These gateways will be instrumental to closing the “true gaps”1 in infrastructure and connectivity that are hindering Africa’s uninhibited growth.

1Flagged by GSMA’s Mobile Gender Gap Report and Connected Society Report of 2018 through better governance and equitable deployment of technology.


An electronic health delivery system for Africa, E-Health enables doctors to reach their patients remotely and bring health care to their doorsteps. Its digital doctor-patient interface, allows patients to see a doctor without having to leave their home or office.


With advanced capabilities such as smart classes and high-quality audio-visual conferences, our new-age e-learning platforms facilitate online learning between tutors and students, aiding students with live e-lessons and digital learning resources.

Cyber Security

In partnership with global leaders, we bring a state-of-the-art Cyber Security Operations Centre to be based in Ghana to cater to the local government and enterprise needs. This centre is poised to become the hub for the cyber security needs of West Africa.

Data Centres

On behalf of our partners, we manage data centres, which are an important part of the digital infrastructure required to deliver E-Services – IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. Our services ensure the secure hosting of critical national infrastructure as well as applications made available 24×7 to drive the digital economy.


We deliver the best of the cloud experience through our services. These include VPS hosting, Storage or Platform-as-a-Service, CIFS & FTP services, web & corporate email hosting, workflow and document management, and authentication & directory services.


  • Realise the full potential of progressive government plans
  • Projected direct benefit of 5,000-7,000 jobs
  • Projected contribution to economic growth:
    • $330 m additional tax collection
    • 2.5%-4% GDP growth
  • Smart utilities and social development
  • Environment protection through green initiatives

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