Digital Africa On The Rise

Africa is on a revolutionary road. A road that’s enriched by self-reliance on information and communication technology.

Information is the lifeblood that courses through the veins of good governance. To be meaningful and effective, governance must speak to the needs of the governed. The ability to mine and harness information enables not only better policy-making but also its implementation. The capacity for e-governance to impact and transform lives in Africa is becoming a reality.

Today, the subcontinent is making rapid strides towards digital empowerment. The Wheel of Digital Transformation is enabling all sectors, including public institutions and dominant private enterprises.

How Ascend Digital Solutions is Building Digital Infrastructure

As a leading global communications services company, Ascend Digital Solutions builds the digital infrastructure to enable communities across the length and breadth of Africa to take advantage of the key pillars of knowledge, information and connectivity. These pillars form the foundation of Digital Transformation.

The Ecosystem

Ascend Digital Solutions has built a best-of-breed ecosystem leveraging its local footprint and partner global expertise that are similarly committed to the building, deployment and delivery of digital services across Africa.

What we place before you are digital information pathways that are seamless, high-speed and secure, and will allow the governments and African states to leapfrog the structural challenges that too often hold them back in their pursuit of functional governance.

The free flow of information – vertically and horizontally – will enable knowledge acquisition and policy deployment in a manner that will lift the yoke of ignorance and misinformation from the process of governance.

Case in Point: Ghana

Ascend Digital Solutions partners with the Government of Ghana in its endeavour to build a thriving ecosystem to deliver e-governance services to boost innovation, encourage entrepreneurship, and gain digital dividends from a connected and high-speed economy.

Such a digital economy will be further advanced by the shared use of fibre infrastructure and resources with MNOs, ISPs, MMDAs and MDAs. Alternate second network operators and entrepreneurs can also leverage this infrastructure to build last-mile connectivity, thus extending the digital economy to the rural and unconnected areas.

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