Enabling public-private partnerships to optimise Africa’s robust ICT platforms

Africa is on the verge of a socio-economic boom facilitated by a continent-wide digitalisation. Smart Infraco, a subsidiary of Ascend Digital Solutions, is poised to accelerate this agenda  by collaborating with governments and their implementing agencies to transform the state of digitalisation in Africa.

In Ghana, Smart Infraco is  partnering the Ministry of Communications  and the National Information Technology Agency to operate a world-class, secure digital infrastructure owned by the government as well as commercialise excess capacity to Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), internet service providers (ISPs), mobile and private network operators.

Through this partnership, Smart Infraco is creating an enabling and reliable environment to support ICT businesses and government initiatives through a gamut of services.

Smart Infraco – Our purpose

To accelerate the growth of Africa’s telecoms sector, digital transformation and improve its 5G-readiness through robust infrastructure and solutions for voice and data services.

Our promise of value includes

  • Affordable and fast internet connectivity: We deliver affordable, high speed internet to public institutions across Africa.
  • Reliable digital infrastructure services: Full spectrum of services that deliver excellent competitive advantage
  • Support to Africa’s ICT/ITES: We empower local businesses through talent upskilling programs and attractive cost packages
  • 24/7 customer support: Our service experts are accessible round-the-clock to address issues or queries
  • Global and local technical expertise: We partner with global and local technology players and assimilate the learnings into our offerings
  • Benchmarked practices: Our processes follow international policies and frameworks to deliver to the highest standards
  • Competitive pricing: We offer the best prices to support start-ups, public institutions and local/global businesses.


Shaping the future of telecommunication in Ghana

Smart Infraco has been enabling the success of the telecoms sector in Ghana, by providing infrastructure access to speed up and accelerate 3G and 4G services, and make the nation ready for 5G. Our focus is to provide open neutral access digital infrastructure to telecom and broadband service providers for best-in-class voice and data services.

Some of the success stories in the public sector include innovative Smart WorkplacesTM that empowered employees to work remotely during lockdown. The innovation has spun off multiple e-solutions and initiatives, including e-cabinet and e-parliament, that streamline and strengthen open and transparent exchange of information with Ghana’s citizens.


Enabling the sharing of innovative technologies,
platforms and practices to ensure sustainable growth of ICT in Africa

Hybrid Cloud Services
Fully-managed and end-to-end hosting/XaaS services with rapid provisioning, to help organisations get maximised ROI, great value and high scalability for the future.


Infrastructure Services
Providing optimised digital infrastructure, including smart networks and state-of-the-art data centres, to support critical systems and applications


Security Services
Maintaining the sanctity, security and confidentiality of digital infrastructure through advanced cyber security solutions


Facility and Support Services
Additional assistance with tower-space colocation, racking and stacking, and monitoring and surveillance activities


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