Ascend Receives Awards at the 5th National Communications Awards

The 5th National Communications Awards, organized on November 24th, 2023, at the Underbridge, East Legon, under the theme “Ghana Digital Economy: Emerging with Excellence,” witnessed Ascend Digital Solutions Ltd. receiving multiple awards that underscore the company’s commitment to digital transformation on the African continent. These awards were received in the following key categories:

Most Promising CEO of the Year (Technology): Harkirit Singh

Harkirit Singh, the visionary CEO of Ascend Digital Solutions Ltd., was awarded the Most Promising CEO of the Year in the technology sector. This recognition reflects Mr. Singh’s dynamic leadership and innovative approach to steering Ascend towards unprecedented success.

CTO of the Year: Michael Kwablah

Michael Kwablah, our Chief Technology Officer, was recognized as the CTO of the Year. This accolade is a testament to Mr. Kwablah’s outstanding leadership and significant contributions to the field of technology.

Technology Leadership Team of the Year: Ascend Digital Management Team

Ascend’s Digital Management Team was awarded the prestigious Technology Leadership Team of the Year. This recognition highlights the team’s collective efforts, collaborative spirit, and strategic vision, which have positioned Ascend as a leader in the technology landscape.

Advancing Digital Inclusion in the Public Sector: Ascend Digital

Ascend Digital received acclaim for its commitment to advancing digital inclusion in the public sector. This award recognizes Ascend’s dedication to making technology accessible and beneficial to all, especially in the public sphere.

Hall of Fame Award: Ascend Digital

Ascend Digital was inducted into the Hall of Fame, receiving the “Emerging with Excellence” award. This prestigious accolade reflects Ascend’s sustained commitment to innovation, excellence, and transformative contributions to the digital economy.

We express our gratitude to all stakeholders and partners whose unwavering support has been integral to these achievements. As we celebrate these victories, Ascend remains steadfast in its commitment to driving technological advancements and contributing to digital transformation.